"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can make us much more than what we are."  

Adele Davis, First Lady of Nutrition

Walk Away From the Western Diet

Step 1: Forget Pyramids


The Food Pyramid...

increased the bottom line for food corporations producing cereal grains but our bottoms increased as well.

The recent USDA Food Plate attempts to “round out” the proportions but there is still too much sugar in the suggested amounts of grain and fruit.

Try the Carrot Model instead!

In the Food Truth Carrot Model, there are no forbidden foods.

The proportion of optional "pleasure" foods is small compared with  nutrient-dense vegetables, proteins and fats.

Step 2: Stock Up!


Learn What to Have in Your Kitchen and Pantry!

Step 3: Get Cooking!

Check out The "Eat Real Food" Cookbook and The Food Truth App for seasonal recipes on your phone or tablet!

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