Check Out These Great Resources!



Cook Eat Paleo 

Simple recipes for gluten-free, grain-free living.

I Breathe, I’m Hungry 

Creative low-carb alternatives to favorite comfort foods.

Green Kitchen Stories 

Vegetable recipe innovations and mouth-watering food photography to inspire you.

Comfy Belly 

Healthy recipes and treats

Ditch the Wheat 

low carb, grain free, dairy free recipes and health topics



GROW GREAT GRUB by Gayla Trail 

A simple and well-illustrated guide to growing food anywhere and everywhere: patios, windowsills, rooftops and planter boxes.

Check out the sites: GROW GREAT GRUB and YOU GROW GIRL (we love that).

Fruition Seeds

is growing seed and building a network of the best organic seed growers in the northeast.

All seed is certified organic, open-pollinated, and grown here in the Northeast.

Check out their site

Mr. McGregor’s Garden Store

Mr. McGregor’s Fence®, the kindest and most effective tool to keep critters out; practical advice and humane products for critter and deer control; and Organic products for home and community gardens.

Visit Site

Raising Animals

MODERN HOMESTEAD – Grow, Raise, Create by Renee Wilkinson 

Meet the challenge of growing food in an urban setting – she does that and more on 1/10th of an acre. See how this Hip Chick Digs

THE BACKYARD HOMESTEAD  edited by Carleen Madigan 

The essential encyclopedia of independent living in harmony with nature and the environment, modernized.

Inspiring Life Stories

ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE by Barbara Kingsolver 

Read how the acclaimed author and her family abandoned industrial food and ate only what was produced within 50 miles of their home for an entire year. Charming, funny and motivating.

THE DIRTY LIFE by Kristin Kimball

Big city journalist falls for idealist farmer and together they create one of the most dynamic CSA farms in the country. Truly enlightening and inspiring!