Rate Your Plate

Personalized eating plans are all the rage as we realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to the pursuit of an optimal diet. That's why some people thrive on a plant-based diet while others do not. The consensus is that all of us need nutrient-dense foods and that it is impossible to thrive on a diet of processed food.

At some level all real food is nutritious but these days even the quality of real food has been compromised. An easy example of this is the difference between a ripe fruit grown organically and ripened in the sun vs. one that is genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides and ripened in a dark truck pumped with ethylene gas on the way to the supermarket.

Quantum mechanics is changing the way we look at the food we eat.

Science has determined that all living cells emit molecules of light, measured as "biophotons". Healthy cells radiate coherent light while diseased cells emit chaotic light. The healthiest food emits the most coherent light as well. For example, a factory-farmed egg emits weaker, less coherent vibrations of light than an egg from a free-running chicken. High fructose corn syrup and aspartame calibrate at the lowest level, just above the vibrational level of anti-freeze and weed killer. Too woo-woo for you? Check out the details in chapter 2 of "The Truth About Food" by Gillian Drake.

The accompanying chart ranks real food by nutrient-density to help you get the most out of the food you eat. Print it out and use it to test the quality of your current diet. Weed out the foods you are eating in the red zone and strive to eat as close to the top of the chart as possible for optimal health.