What's your view?

Proximity and accessibility to good food are cited as major factors affecting our diet but perhaps it's our personal food philosophy that has the greatest impact on the choices we make.


believes that life is a crapshoot and outcomes are largely random. So this type of person eats and drinks whatever he wants figuring that "you win some and you lose some" and we all die of something anyway. He will cite the example of an athlete who drops dead on the court or a chain-smoking centenarian as proof of the futility of dietary diligence.


eats 3 square meals and chants "everything in moderation" as her dietary mantra. When something breaks, she tinkers a little to try to fix what's wrong and then seeks the advice of a professional for diagnostics and doctoring.

And then there are GARDENERS...

 This approach requires daily diligence and is less common. Gardeners carefully till the soil and provide nourishment to it when imbalances occur. They are observant and alert to external factors that might have an impact on the garden. The person who takes this approach to their health is eager to tweak their diet, restrict certain foods and make continual adjustments for optimal results. They are attentive to factors that may have a negative impact like GMOs, additives, preservatives and other dietary toxins. Just as gardening necessitates some micro-management and patience, knowing the source of your food and how it is specifically nourishing you is an eating style that requires time and energy. But the rewards are great.

There is hopeful promise of a good result: better health and vitality

and infinite joy in the process.