One degree of change can make all of the difference to an astronaut hurdling into outer space and when the average temperature of the earth goes up one degree icebergs melt. One degree can be a big deal. One degree of change can affect your health outcome as well.

If you change JUST ONE THING you will trend your life in a different direction. So ask yourself: where am I headed? Toward better health or worse? 

You can adjust your direction ever so slightly and see significant changes. So how about ONE less drink tonight? ONE extra hour of sleep, ONE meaningful conversation, ONE kind act, ONE new vegetable on your plate...

What is the ONE THING you will do this year to improve your health?  

BOX STORE BARGAINS: Real Food, Real Cheap

BOX STORE BARGAINS: Real Food, Real Cheap

Locally-sourced food is always best, but big box stores are here to stay and most of us have one located nearby. Since more and more real food is appearing in these warehouses you may want to pay a visit once in a while (and pay a little less cash). Here’s what we found at BJ’s Wholesale Club...