How you can use 1% of your day to get healthier.

"A penny for your thoughts" used to mean something. A penny - really? The only reason to bend down to pick up a penny anymore is that it's litter. One percent of a dollar is practically nothing. And yet... our most cherished asset, our time, has great value in tiny increments.

Give ONE PERCENT of your day back to yourself and make an investment in your health.

They say sitting is the new smoking, linked to disease and an early death. For a lot of people, it's an occupational hazard: your job requires you to sit for many hours a day. I hear ya.

But what if you spent JUST 1% OF YOUR DAY moving your body in a meaningful way?

That would be only 14.4 minutes. You could stretch on the floor, walk the dog, do strength training with hand weights or some sort of intense burst training. Whatever you like to do.

I bet you can think of something - dancing wildly to your favorite music, for example. On the days you're having fun with it, spend more time. Otherwise, set a timer for 1% of your day: less than 15 minutes!

Better health depends on movement as much as good nutrition, sleep and human interaction but it does not require feats of athleticism.

The research shows that consistency matters more than intensity so do something everyday to get yourself moving.

The return on investment is really good.


                    Here's me striking a (tougher than it looks) pose without leaving the chair! Try it.

                    Here's me striking a (tougher than it looks) pose without leaving the chair! Try it.