Get your Brain in the Game: think yourself thin, well and young.

So you're eating great quality food most of the time but you still can't shed the weight, worry and wrinkles. You should be experiencing good results and stepping away from the pack but nothing seems to make a difference.

Maybe you need to get your brain in the game. Research shows that how we think may be as influential to our outcome as what we do.  

Check this guy out. He lost 200+ pounds by changing the way he thought about food and dieting. 

What if thinking differently is the game changer? 

If you're fat, sick, or just plain disgusted do you remind yourself of it everyday with defeatist comments like "I can't lose weight" or "I'm a diabetic" or worse yet... "my life stinks"? 

Imagine that you gain a pound for each time you tell yourself that you're fat. Or $100 disappears from your bank account every time you refer to a ache, pain or illness you have. Ok, that would shush the inner critic.

What if you can harness the power of positivity by stating the good you currently experience and set an intention for better? 

I know, that sounds a little woo-woo but listen to the difference:
"I feel like crap" vs. "I'm not myself today but I'll pull out of it by tomorrow".
"I'm a fat slob" vs. "I'm heavier now than I will be in a month".
"I hate getting old" vs. "I value that I can meet new challenges with more strength than fear".

Before you shrug it off, give it a whirl. And slap a smile on your face while you're at it. Studies show that smiling initiates the release of dopamine, a "feel good" brain chemical that motivates you to take action toward your goals. In contrast, low levels of dopamine are linked with procrastination and self-doubt.

How we view our life determines how we feel about it and what we do with it. What if the things you view as obstacles to your happiness or success are also opportunities for personal growth? What if what is happening to you is really happening for you?

Did you feel the shift?

Trust me, I'm not the master of stress management but this awareness allows me an instant measure of control. When you feel overwhelmed or when you want to dive head first into a bag of potato chips, try this simple technique:


Become fully aware of the precise feeling you are experiencing and name it (angry, frustrated, tired, bored, etc.)


Do at least 3 deep belly breaths: breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, filling and extending your belly. Hold this breath for 5 seconds then exhale slowly through your mouth for 5 seconds.


Now decide how you would rather feel (calm, confident, energetic, decisive, etc.). Chances are you've lowered your stress and reset your state of mind.

It's easy to remember: A (aware), B (breathe) and C (choose).

This simple exercise can become a valuable tool to manage your everyday stress. When you get your mind and body on the same team, you are more likely to reach your goals.

Ask me about the many aspects of Neuro-Nutritional Therapy, including targeted amino acid supplementation, so we can get your brain in the game and win at this game of life together.