What Not to Eat


Remember the show What Not to Wear?

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly meet up with an unsuspecting fashion victim and over the course of 3 days make over her wardrobe and, presumably, her whole life. I loved watching and wondering how long it would be before Cinderella would hit the streets in sweatpants and a tee shirt again. 

That's how most people seem to view Nutritional Therapy: as an intervention with temporary impact. 

But I work from this point of view: I want to give you the information and the tools to build a better life for yourself. Teach you how to fish, as it were. I'm not into re-designing your grocery list to suit my taste. I will introduce you to new foods, new ideas and new skills but you must decide which of these to take home with you.

 Maybe you've tried diets and supplements on your own with little success but you might need a little help to get into that dress.

It really is all about meeting your personal goals in a way that works for you and will stay with you for life.

If you want to stop symptoms, lose weight or maybe just stave off the effects of aging that you see in your friends and neighbors, we should talk. 

We'll start the journey by pinpointing where you currently are on the health spectrum. We'll talk about your symptoms and struggles, your eating preferences and your sleep patterns. Then we'll set some goals and design a comfortable strategy to get there.

Most of my clients are surprised at how many new foods are added to their diet, not taken away.

Many nutrient deficiencies are easily filled with high quality foods. And many symptoms are easily resolved by filling nutritional needs. We need to identify what isn't working for you and replace those things with what will.

It's more fun than you think. 

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