Which Healthcare Plan Works For You?

 Today it occurred to me that the Food Truth nation (that devoted group out there fixing their food and fixing their lives) is a diverse crowd. 

There are the earnest Moms and Dads hoping to raise children without chronic disease...

Have  you heard about the 3 year old with Type 2 diabetes? It's happening, folks. Rome is burning.

The Gen Y'ers rebelling against BigAg and industry-manipulated marketing...

They're a lively, informed and conflicted crowd, fighting addiction to the junk food they've been grown on but eager to latch on to the upgraded junk foods with upgraded labeling (gluten-free, organic and non-GMO candy and chips).

And a quiet but determined group of people in their 50's, 60's and 70's - each trying to age like a boss (that's how we say it these days). 

You know who you are: you were athletic in school (carb-loading with the best of them) and devoted runners or gym rats while raising your family or building your career. You've been eating "healthy whole grains", low-fat dairy and avoiding meat. You even wore sunscreen. But now you're overweight, arthritic and have basal cell carcinomas. You're disappointed (or furious) and wondering where you went wrong!

Maybe you're one of the few lucky enough to be retired... but keeping your doctors' appointments feels like a part-time job. Maybe you're still working and fitting the doctors' appointments in somehow. 

Perhaps you're lucky enough to be considered "healthy" but you live with the nagging suspicion that a grave condition lurks just beneath the surface, ready to mar your life with painful treatments and exorbitant bills like your friends and family members.

Or in the worst case scenario, you're in that vicious cycle of pill-popping and specialist-hopping just to maintain some level of participation in life but you wish you could stop what feels like a downward spiral.

You need to know that you have options. My job is to help you discover what they are.

I keep my eye on the latest research from the smartest people out there and bring it to you in bite-sized pieces so you can taste better health every day.

Here's what's great: bringing better food into the house is good for everybody living there!

If your goal is to age slowly, achieve or maintain a healthy weight or stop symptoms,

we need to talk.

I believe that healthcare is self-care. Everything else is a temporary intervention.