Superfood Showdown or... why you should love liver.

If you haven't noticed, the cult of kale is taking over the world. Anyone who cares a lick about their health knows that kale deserves a place outside of the deli case where it used to endure weeks as a sturdy garnish. Remember when blueberries enjoyed the spotlight as the darlings of the health-motivated?  And of course, apples and carrots remain icons in the health food universe.

A plant-based diet is solidly linked to longevity and sound health but there are some good reasons to reconsider other sources of nutrient-dense food. When pitted against the top contenders in the plant world, pastured beef (from animals grazing on grass in a pasture) and beef liver are remarkably nutritious. The same goes for wild game meat like venison and elk.

We get emotionally-attached to our ideas about food so a side-by-side analysis is sometimes needed to tighten our grip on reality. The numbers don't lie: SUPERFOOD SHOWDOWN