Bargain Bone Broth

You can now buy a cup of drinkable bone broth on the streets of Manhattan for $4. Take a quart home from the same place for just $12, order 6 cups online here for $34 or... drumroll... make it yourself and save a bundle! I just made 12 quarts for $12 using lamb bones that I bought from my farmer Kris. His lambs grow happily on green pasture and their bones make the most delicious, gelatinous, nutritious broth. As a bonus, I have 2 lbs of meat (that fell from the simmered bones) to make a lamb curry for dinner tonight.

Instructions for making bone broth are more work to write down than to follow.

 In the biggest pot you have, cover the bones with water, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (to leech out the minerals) and simmer for 24 hours. Strain through cheesecloth or a fine sieve into glass jars and keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. The layer of fat at the top will keep the broth from spoiling. Use to make soups, rice, sauces, etc. or just warm it up, season with salt and drink it from a mug.

Living in this 21st century means exposure to toxins and chronic stress and these factors contribute to ill health.  "All disease starts in the gut" said Hippocrates, and it looks like he was right. Symptoms of a leaky gut include brain fog, depression and inflammation. The diseases that begin with these complaints are many and more common than ever. 

Bone broth is the single most nourishing food to your gut: it heals and seals it.  It truly is "an incredibly powerful, nourishing, wonderful tonic"  but I have to wonder how many people will forgo their usual sugary and caffeinated warmup. Will you?