The #1 Weight Loss Tip That No One Wants to Hear

I'm not going to string you along with flowery rhetoric about diet and exercise or sell you some magic plan, pill or potion. I'm giving it to you straight. In this one blog post you will learn a fundamental principle to help you lose weight, address symptoms and slow aging. Oops, starting to sound like a pitch... so here goes. Ready? Here it is:


It really is that simple. You can restrict calories, run your tail off and take supplements but you are sabotaging every effort you make when you eat toxic foods. One step forward, three steps back. CRAP foods contain chemical compounds that confuse your biology, alter your hormones, slow down your metabolism and cause inflammation. 

Now let's define CRAP:

C - Cereal, Chips, Cookies and Crackers.

The grocery store shelves are packed with these - loaded with refined flour and sugars, bad fats, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives - they are convenient but also addictive and fattening.

R - Refined* Flours and Sugars.

Refined means that the original food has been highly processed to the point that it becomes toxic to your body. Wheat is to white flour what coca leaves are to cocaine. Sugar is absorbed directly and causes a spike in insulin (the fat-storing hormone) causing an intense biological response and craving for more. Both are convenient but also addictive and fattening.

A - Artificial Anything. 

Things like aspartame (artificial sweetener), MSG (artificial flavor) and food dyes (artificial colors) are really, really bad. Here's why: they stimulate your appetite, kill brain cells (neurotoxic) and cause inflammation. Symptoms of inflammation include everything from asthma to cancer. Take a look at this handy chart to see where these things lurk in our food supply and some more reasons to avoid them, besides the fact that they are addictive and fattening.

P - Products that are not real food. 

There are a lot of non-food items in the grocery store like laundry soap, plastic wrap and cleaning products. Add food imposters that we refer to by brand name to that list: Oreos, Doritos, Skittles, Jello-O, Kool-Aid. Ok, these aren't even real words. Companies have infantilized the names of these toxic items with cute baby-talk names so we imagine that they are "treats" when really they trick our bodies by causing hormonal mayhem and compulsive eating. And again, these things are convenient but also addictive and fattening.

In fact, come to think of it, products masquerading as food are crap through and through because they are usually cereal, chips, cookies and crackers made from refined flours and sugars, loaded with artificial all kinds of things. Take a look in your cabinets and inventory the crap you have in there. Think about the crap you ate yesterday. Make a quick list of the crap you intend to eat today, then ask your self why. 

Food Truth is all abut restoring your appetite for what truly nourishes you and empowering you to eat real food. The rest of the story is that if you are still eating toxic foods you won't lose weight, think clearly or feel better. Fact.

*During the refining process, vitamins, minerals and protein are lost. The body takes away these same vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from its own body organs, tissues, and bones in order to metabolize these refined foods. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause all sorts of unwanted symptoms, everything from dry skin to seizures.