Folic acid vs. folate: growing your baby with chemicals or nutrients?

Every pregnant woman knows that she needs folic acid to grow a healthy baby. Or does she?

According to the Methyl Master Dr. Ben Lynch there is a HUGE difference between folic acid and folate and WE NEED TO AVOID FOLIC ACID in supplements and where it appears most: in processed foods like cereal, energy drinks and bars. Folic acid is a synthetic compound that is manufactured in the lab. Folate appears naturally in foliage. That's right: green leafy vegetables.

And you thought I was going to say orange juice didn't you? Those tricky dick advertisers got us again. See, orange juice is a great place to hide stuff because it's so jacked up with flavor thanks to perfume technologies (seriously) and preservatives that no one will notice. 

Don't believe me? Look it up on the Google. Or the YouTube. Then post it on the Facebook. And stop buying it, drinking it and giving it to your kids. AT LEAST READ THIS

But your doctor told you to take folic acid because a deficiency is linked to all sorts of diseases. Yes, because folate is key to a process in your body known as methylation. Methyl folate is the active form your body knows how to use. Again, it is found primarily in green leafy vegetables. If you're pregnant or not eating enough healthy food, then supplement wisely.

Check out Dr. Ben's suggestions HERE.  

It's a fine point, but an important one. Having this information can make a big difference to you and your baby. And I know... everybody else is drinking orange juice and taking folic acid but let me ask you, in true mommy-fashion, if everybody was jumping off the bridge would you do it?