Learn How To Use The Food Truth App

Inspired by a recipe in the Food Truth app, Andrea hightails it to the farm to pick fresh kale and to make a savory Curried Kale Stew. Fast. Easy. Yum!

The Dark Side of Food...

Food Truth looks at the Dark Side of food: Sweet Lies, The Grain Game and Hooked Kids. How is what you eat affecting you? 

Walk Away From the Western Diet in 3 Steps!

Learn how to Walk Away from the Western Diet in 3 steps: Eliminate POISONS, Avoid PRODUCTS and Limit PROCESSED food.

Food Truth Snacks: Apple Donuts

Making apple "donuts" the healthy, Food Truth way - a great snack to make and eat with your kids!

More Videos Coming Soon...

Learn more from me and many other experts in this fun and informative film!