summer cooking

Leaf Wraps are the New Sandwich!

Summer just isn’t summer without tomato sandwiches.

BLT’s to be exact. But if you’re avoiding grains, there goes the bread and how in the world do you make a BLT without bread?

Here’s how:

Roll all those luscious ingredients (garden-ripened tomatoes, crisp bacon and chopped lettuce) in a cabbage or broccoli leaf! Here's a chicken salad version ready to roll:

Don’t forget the mayonnaise recipe I sent over last month - it’s mandatory! You can find it HERE if you missed it.

A cabbage leaf - are you kidding me?

Not even a little bit. No stick-to-your-teeth gummy rice flour gluten-free bread spiking my insulin and sending me into a 3pm crash.  Those days are lonnng gone, and so are the extra pounds, thank you very much.

Using leaves as wraps instead of flour tortillas (skillfully re-branded bread) is great way to add more plants to your daily diet and more nutrition (including fiber). Works well for boiled or scrambled eggs and chicken or tuna salad too. 

Give it a try - today a very large leaf of savoy cabbage wrapped me up in BLT goodness and half an avocado sealed the deal. So good!