A Better Sundae


Every once in a while, someone does something special. Take the savory, full-fat yogurts made by Blue Hill Farm, in flavors like carrot, beet and butternut squash, for example.

Made with milk from a grass-fed cow (identified by name on the inside of the lid) is naturally cultured and deliciously creamy and unsweetened. Coupled with a no-grain granola, (slightly sweetened with real maple syrup), it's a fully evolved healthy sundae treat any day of the week.

 By the way, I hope you don't buy this notion of yogurt as a health food when it is nothing more than soured up industrially-produced milk laced with inert "probiotics", let alone the lowfat varieties with synthetic emulsifiers and added sugars. In fact, most "yogurt" is worse than ice cream. (Not that I don't love a decadent homemade ice cream made with cream, egg yolks and pure maple syrup on occasion).


Now doesn't that look good? And it is... there's the website - go get some!