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Food Truth separates the truth from the trends so you can cook and eat for better health.

Avoid Allergies.

Stop Symptoms.

Slow Aging.

Win the Weight War.

Everything you need to know in one place.



Before you hire another doctor, join a gym or buy more  supplements, discover which foods are helping you and which are harming you.

STOP SYMPTOMS - Toxins from food and the environment cause your gut to leak (causing gas, bloating, cramps, acne, joint pain and fatigue), your brain to swell (causing headaches, brain fog, mood swings, depression and anxiety). Make it stop!

SLOW AGING - What you eat affects your skin, energy and memory. Eat foods that keep you looking and feeling young!

WIN THE WEIGHT WAR - Diets are a drag. Eat delicious food that satisfies you, builds lean muscle and keeps you slim.




Real food comes from a farm, a field, or a forest, not a factory.

The less you do to a food, the more it does for you.




“Pastured” is sometimes confused with “pasteurized”. Though they sound alike, they are not at all similar.




Fermented foods are teeming with probiotics, the little microbe-warriors who defeat viruses and other infectious invaders in your gut.  



Buy what’s in season for the best prices and flavors.

TIP: revive limp carrots, radishes, and celery in a bowl of ice water with a slice of potato. 


Think and buy outside of the box-store. 

Look for small, local, family farms and inquire about their growing and animal-raising practices.                                   

sadie picking.jpg


Picking from soil is much better than picking from a shelf!

Plants need soil, sun, and water to grow anywhere: rooftops, containers, windowsills, and even in tin cans. 



Make friends with a farmer. He works hard for his money.

Cut out the middle man and save natural resources by buying directly from the farm.

The Food Truth Tenets:

Learn the Lingo

"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can make us much more than what we are."  

Adele Davis, First Lady of Nutrition

Walk Away From the Western Diet

Step 1: Forget Pyramids


The Food Pyramid...

increased the bottom line for food corporations producing cereal grains but our bottoms increased as well.

The recent USDA Food Plate attempts to “round out” the proportions but there is still too much sugar in the suggested amounts of grain and fruit.

Try the Carrot Model instead!

In the Food Truth Carrot Model, there are no forbidden foods.

The proportion of optional "pleasure" foods is small compared with  nutrient-dense vegetables, proteins and fats.

Step 2: Stock Up!


Learn What to Have in Your Kitchen and Pantry!

Step 3: Get Cooking!

Check out The "Eat Real Food" Cookbook and The Food Truth App for seasonal recipes on your phone or tablet!

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