The Grain Game

We have become a nation of amateur nutritionists, counting carbs and grams of fat like our life depends on it. Because it sort of does. But what if the formula is off? Remember the Food Pyramid? The recommended 6-11 servings of grain in the form of bread, cereal, rice and pasta made us all really fat and sick. And Monsanto, General Mills and other companies really rich. The model was flawed. And this subtle shift to “whole grains” is no improvement.

Do you realize that a piece of whole wheat bread melts into sugar in your body quicker than white table sugar does? The glycemic index of wheat is measured at 72 and table sugar at 59. A grapefruit is 25. If you are still “cutting fat” and eating “healthy whole grains”, STOP. Cut whole grains and start eating healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, avocados, pastured pork and butter.

Read “Wheat Belly” by William A. Davis, MD. You’ll start loving your food again and it will love you back as you watch your wheat belly disappear, your skin clear up and your joint pain go away. He builds a case against modern wheat as the culprit behind the obesity and diabetes epidemic. He says it’s as guilty as O.J. Simpson but as difficult to convict because of the clever, moneyed defense behind it, a”Dream Team” of the USDA and the ADA (American Diabetes Association). So it’s up to each one of us to consider the evidence, the opportunity and the motive and decide for ourselves if wheat deserves a place in our diet.

The Food Truth app features 100 real foods, 25 per season with three recipes for each. Not by accident, there is no grain so it is gluten-free! You will not run out of things to eat and cooking will become much easier! Have you eliminated grain from your diet? Tell us the story! If you haven’t, why not? Many people report strong emotional attachment to their beer, bread and pasta, even though it is doing them harm. That is the nature of addiction.

Today is a great day to start. Give it 21 days and observe the effects.


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