Andy's Pure Food in Rye, NY

It's not often that I can rave about the food I find in a restaurant but this week I accidentally happened on such a place: Andy's Pure Food in Rye, NY.

I had no anxiety trying to figure out what to order as everything on the menu was artfully displayed in front of me and the ingredients were self-evident: shredded beets mingled with carrots and kale, chopped crucifers, steamed and spiced cabbage, hunks of avocado. Pointing and choosing a little of each, then adding a warm quinoa patty with almond hummus and the plate became a symphony of clean flavors, colors and textures to love.  


I was far from home but if I lived nearby, I could imagine myself dropping in to fill containers with many of their salads just to save myself the hassle of chopping. Though I admit, there is a certain satisfaction in wielding a knife at the end of the day.

If only every town was blessed with such a place - so pure and true - it makes the ubiquitous Whole Foods seem as decadent as the Sistine Chapel.