Are Your Kids Fat, Sick or Stupid?

Of course not. Well, maybe. Just a little. I won't tell them you said so. The fact is that childhood obesity and diabetes are epidemic and schools report lower academic performance and more behavioral issues than ever before. Ok, so maybe it's everyone else's kids that have the problems. For now. But the projections look grim for the future health of school age children. So listen up.

If school is out for summer, now is your chance is create new habits with your kids.

Get them off the couch and into the garden! Let them choose seeds or plants to grow and plan the recipes they will make with their harvest. They can learn the value of patience and caregiving and sharing. Besides, the soil beneath their fingernails is good for their immunity. Yes, it really is, and they can wash up when they come inside, tired and calm from the electrons their bodies take up in contact with the ground. There are so many reasons to play outside before turning on the TV. If nothing else, sprout some seeds in a jar on the counter and shop the farm markets on the weekends. Plan and cook your meals together for that quality time you're always wishing for.

Make the most of summer vacation for your kids.

Stop buying those convenient snack packs that fit so easily into lunch boxes but are loaded with chemicals that make their guts leak (gas, bloating, acne and fatigue) and their brains swell (headaches, brain fog, depression and irritability). Don't set them up to fail.

And stop with the soda! There is no good argument for that ever.

I know you love your kids more than anything so please do the hard stuff now to give them the best shot at a fit, smart and healthy life.

Remember the line in "The Help" - "You is kind, you is smart, you is important..."

Every kid deserves that.