Learn How To Use The Food Truth App

Inspired by a recipe in the Food Truth app, Andrea hightails it to the farm to pick fresh kale and to make a savory Curried Kale Stew. Fast. Easy. Yum!

The Dark Side of Food...

Food Truth looks at the Dark Side of food: Sweet Lies, The Grain Game and Hooked Kids. How is what you eat affecting you? 

Walk Away From the Western Diet in 3 Steps!

Learn how to Walk Away from the Western Diet in 3 steps: Eliminate POISONS, Avoid PRODUCTS and Limit PROCESSED food.

Food Truth Snacks: Apple Donuts

Making apple "donuts" the healthy, Food Truth way - a great snack to make and eat with your kids!

More Videos Coming Soon...

Learn more from me and many other experts in this fun and informative film!

Top Episodes

The Dark Side of Food

Dirty Dozen vs Clean Fifteen

Walk Away From the Western Diet!

Rate Your Plate!


Forget Pyramids!

The Fearsome Four vs The Fab Four

Fructose Overload

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