Q: What is nutritional therapy?

A: Nutritional therapy is a new field in complementary medicine to help patients adjust their diets to support better health.

Q: Wouldn't my doctor tell me if I need to change my diet?

A: Progressive doctors suggest nutritional therapy to their patients. Usually medical doctors do not have the training to offer nutritional advice. They are trained in disease management and intervention. Some of my clients are medical professionals.

Q: What difference will changing my diet make?

Many symptoms are a result of nutritional deficiencies due to poor food quality or choices. 

Q: Why do I need a therapist to tell me what to eat? I watch Dr. Oz.

A:  Most people admit that they need to eat better but do not know where to start. Habits are hard to break and the media offers conflicting reports about which foods are best to eat. It can be very confusing without informed guidance.

Q: Isn't it enough to just eat a balanced diet?

A: The truth is that all real food is potentially beneficial but we benefit from specific foods in specific ways.  So some extra work is needed to decide which foods you personally need right now to feel your best.

Q: How does the Nutritional Therapy process work?

A: We discuss your current state of health and your personal goals. Personal goals may include weight loss, anti-aging and pain management. Positive, empowering suggestions and techniques with consideration to your preferences will help you reach your goals.

Q: Are there any lab tests?

A: Recent blood work results and other diagnostics should be submitted with your application for therapy.  Antioxidant, toxicity and symptom assessments are performed during the SETUP SESSIONS. The therapist works with you to determine which symptoms might be reduced by addressing nutritional deficiencies and creates a personal food plan for you to follow.

Q: How do I find a good nutritional therapist or... why should I work with you?

A: I know a lot about food and I use food to cope with my own serious health challenges, including ME/CFS, and chronic Lyme disease. I understand the difficult nature of treating autoimmune disorders and I've experienced great results with adjustments to my own diet. 

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I've been a culinary professional for over 25 years: I worked as a private chef, owned a luxury B&B and operated an organic mobile eatery in a vintage 1962 Airstream. In 2011, I created the Food Truth brand to provide reliable nutritional information and began counseling people wanting to improve their health with food.

Q: So what do you eat?

A: Plants, protein, healthy fats and a little fruit. I practice what I preach because it helps me maintain a healthy weight, think clearly and sleep like a baby. I feel healthier at 48 than I was at 28! 

Q: Sounds good. Now what?

A: I want to lend my experience to you so that you can improve your health and live a full life. Let's get started!