Doing that one day workshop with you has very likely helped to shape the direction of my recovery from a terrible accident, yes. What I did not realize at the time, is how many rewards I would still be reaping, weeks and weeks later. 

Who knew there was so much more? (Well, you did of course)

Forget the 15 pounds(!) that I have dropped. Forget the fact that I'm off of blood pressure medicine that I've been taking for 12 years, even at this exact same bodyweight. Forget that my blood glucose values have normalized. Forget that I'm not taking any pain medication, much to the disbelief of many concerned physicians. It's all about the energy, the brain-power and 'lack of fuzzy feeling brain cloud.' Maybe there is a better way to describe it, I hope you can understand.

It just so happened that I was starting up self-study in functional and integrative medicine at the time I met you. Talk about serendipity!

Anyway, I'm still a broth making fool and if I skip more than a day, I have a very serious craving. And the fish broth does not fill it, which I find interesting. So here's to you, I'm sure our paths will cross again.




A friend highly recommended Andrea to me at a time when I had lost my zest for life.  Feeling tired most of the day, unable to enjoy friends, family and my favorite summer activities, I was ready to settle.

Andrea changed that.  Impressive from the first phone call, Andrea was gentle and precise, accommodating and quite structured, professional and friendly.  She easily gained my confidence and made me feel that she took pleasure in helping me.  Her materials are so clear that I was able to make changes in my way of eating immediately.  After a careful analysis of my symptoms, she gave me an individual food plan that brought me energy and motivation.  Then I started sleeping through the night and feeling greatly rested while at the same time looking more trim.  I began feeling better than I had before I became ill with a urinary tract infection.  Now I have a new way of eating which not only makes me feel energetic but is fun and beautiful and interesting.  I never thought food would be of great interest to me again—but it is.  It is hard not to sound too enthusiastic but in Andrea’s case it is hard not to.  Being with her beauty, kindness and skill uplifts and sustains.  I cannot recommend her enough.


When I listen to Andrea I feel like I need to keep a notebook handy, she has so many interesting nutrition facts and tips to share. I have benefited immensely from her advice and encouragement. I appreciate her ability to cut through all the various theories and just distill it down to what matters and what makes sense for me and my body and my lifestyle. And I have a hard time keeping my FoodTruth cookbook since once a friend sees it, they always want to take it home. 


Health foods, nutrition and diets have been a large and constant blip on my radar for 40 years. Mostly positive. However, not until extensive conversations and direction from Andrea did this pursuit all come into clear focus. I'll continue to learn from many sources. Andrea will be my primary, trusted source.


Andrea is an immense highlight in my life. What she brings to me through her outstanding wisdom and her care, I may never be able to repay. I can genuinely say that she gives me a better handle on not only my health, but on my life. Her knowledge of food, the body, and nutrition blow me away. Every session is so specific to my needs, it's not just generic advice that I've gotten in the past from other well-meaning nutritionists, it's way beyond that. What may be even more incredible is her way of breaking down what seems like really sophisticated information into ideas I grasp easily. I leave our sessions feeling empowered, more intelligent, and able, and consequently this ripples out into decisions I make in all aspects of my life. Andrea is trustworthy in knowledge and in heart. She has made my switch to eating meat after being a vegetarian for 13 years lighter and more connected than I ever could have dreamed, as well as my desperate need to walk away from my sugar addiction. I feel stronger, I have more energy, and maybe best of all, I feel calmer. In working with Andrea, two things are very evident. One is that she walks her talk, and two is that it works. And for all of these reasons, I feel inspired by her, encouraged, supported, and blessed. If you knew me, you would already know about Andrea, I talk about her often and want to share her with the world. She really is that good.
As a busy person, I find it very overwhelming to sift through the mountain of information and opinion connected to nutrition and maximizing our health that is currently out there (opinions that change every year, by the way). What a blessing to have someone who can distill it down into simple, practical and actionable bite sized steps for us! Andrea has always taken a very "real" and balanced approach to nutrition. "Chips Happen" and "Eat Real Food" being two of her mantras that have rung true for our family. Her skill as a chef matched with her passion for feeling good and love of the person equals the perfect equation for a nutritional therapist. Not only has she helped our family tackle my husband's diabetes diagnosis successfully, but she has helped empower me to take control in the kitchen and not be afraid of making nutritional healing a part of my life. Anyone who has Andreas insight in their back pocket is better for it!
The Poland family
Andrea's methods and techniques are always based on careful research and the latest, most accurate science. She's always in tune with the most cutting-edge information and is willing to make modifications as necessary. But my favorite thing about working with Andrea was the way she allowed me come to my own realizations about my habits. Instead spouting off a list of what she thought I was doing wrong, she'd ask me warm and friendly, open-ended questions about my bad habits, such as, "how has that been working for you?" Rather than simply a journey to better health and lifestyle choices, working with Andrea also felt like a journey to better self-awareness. I now feel better able to see the implications of my choices and potential flaws in my reasoning. She really lives up to the "therapist" aspect of her job title.

The phrase "eating healthy" is a black hole that can be scary and overwhelming. Andrea has a gift for providing practical suggestions to incorporate healthful eating into your daily routine. Busy people need easy tips that they can use immediately...Andrea provides just that. 

Eric C
After signing up for Andrea's "One Month Makeover" I have learned a tremendous amount about eating much higher quality food. It has been very helpful to follow her guidance as she also practices what she teaches. I look forward to an increase in improved health and weight loss. Thanks for all your help and insights.

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