Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

What if your labs look normal, but you don't feel normal?

Before disease comes dysfunction.

FBCA (Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis) assesses for weaknesses and deficiencies now to prevent disease later.

How you are functioning determines how you are feeling.

This comprehensive, 25-page report reveals "the rest of the story" your blood is telling about your health. Just send over your latest blood test results and I'll do the rest!  Email me: andrea@foodtruthonline.com


“I love how [the blood chem software] puts it all together and makes a big puzzle so much easier to solve.”

"After all the doctor visits, and starting to feel like a hypochondriac, I finally have validation that my symptoms are real and I can do something about them!"

"I know I avoided a gall bladder attack by doing this test. No one else could tell me why I felt so lousy for so long."